wednesday, 20 september 2017
Fundacja „Centrum Europy” is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in 2003 by the graduates of the Institute of International Relations, Warsaw University. The foundation’s main activities revolve around creating opportunities for the acquisition of new skills, for instance through organizing language courses, offering assistance in developing contacts between youth organisations from different countries and in the possibilities of financing their activities. A latest undertaking involves the publication of a guide for youth organisations entitled “Visegrad for Youth”.

„Projekt: Warszawa!” has run since 2005. Within this project we undertake and support a number of initiatives the aim of which is to promote Warsaw and to upgrade the image of the city among both Varsovians and visitors to the Polish capital.

We cooperate with a number of NGOs, historians and experts on Warsaw, young artists and public institutions. Thus far, within „Projekt: Warszawa!” the following events have been organised:

Widzi Mi Się Pałac – 50 works of art celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Palace of Culture and Science
• Exhibition of Karolina Breguła’s works, Galeria Jubileuszowa PKiN, (8th December 2005 – 15th January 2006);
• Issuing of cards featuring the works;
• Exhibition in „Traffic Club”, Warsaw (March 2006);
• „My City Warsaw” – outdoor exhibition in Budapest (September 2006);
• Outdoor exhibition in Uppsala, Sweden (as part of Polish Days) (October 2006).

Warsaw Praga – guidebook
• The guidebook was published in January 2006
• Promotional events:
    - 19th January 2006, „Traffic Club”
    - 25th March 2006, „Fabryka Trzciny”
    - 21st April 2006, „Skład Butelek”
    - 26th June 2006, „Dom Kultury Praga”
• The English version of the guidebook was published in January 2007
• Promotion of „Warsaw Praga – guidebook” – 26th February 2007 in „Czuły Barbarzyńca”

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