wednesday, 20 september 2017
The Author

Michał Pilch Born in 1978. A law graduate. He has been interested in the history of Warsaw, and especially of Praga, for a number of years. His book "Ulice Nowej Pragi" (The Streets of New Praga), published in 2003 was met with enthusiasm by critics and readers alike. The book presents a very thorough account of the history of one of Praga’s districts.

Michał Pilich is also the author of several dozen articles on the history and monuments of Praga, which have been published in Nowa Gazeta Praska, Życie Warszawy, Życie, Echo Nadwiślańskie and Puls Warszawy.

Michał Pilich has also collaborated with Jarosław Zielinski on the cataloguing of items for Atlas dawnej architektury ulic i placów Warszawy (the Atlas of Warsaw’s Architecture).

Michał Pilich is a tour guide and works for PTTK "Trakt". In 2005, he was awarded a medal by Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Pragi (Praga’s Association) for his efforts in popularising Praga.