wednesday, 20 september 2017
Polish Version
The guidebook „Warszawska Praga – przewodnik” by Michał Pilich was published in December 2005 by Fundacja Inicjatyw Międzynarodowych i Europejskich „Centrum Europy” with the financial help of the City of Warsaw and a number of sponsors.

Both the Polish and the English version of the book comprise two major parts: the first section describes Praga’s history and architecture through following a series of walks around the district (in the Polish version, these are: Stara Praga and Kamionek, Nowa Praga and Szmulowizna); the second provides the reader with more practical information.

The first section, a guide, contains itineraries comprising Praga’s monuments, places of historical importance and significant contemporary buildings. Each of them is described in detail with anecdotes and curiosités. Descriptions are accompanied by photos, old postcards and prints. The second section contains useful information about the most interesting places worth visiting in Praga, including art galleries, theatres, ateliers, workshops, restaurants, schools, hotels and cafes together with small shops and workshops. The book was favorably received by reviewers, historians, the inhabitants of Praga, and readers. It has frequently featured in the press and on television.

The first 2000-copies edition was sold out; the volume of additional printing amounted to 3000 copies.