monday, 21 august 2017
About the website
For decades Praga has been cursed with the stigma of being the most run down, dull and dangerous part of Warsaw. In fact, it is the district which was least ravaged during the WWII, and therefore, the one that has retained the most authentic character. Today, this part of Warsaw is undergoing an astonishing revival with new galleries and ateliers of independent modern art emerging at increasing rate.

The creation of this website is a natural consequence of the activities and projects that Fundacja Centrum Europy has undertaken since 2005, i.e. the publication of a guidebook to Praga (“Warszawska Praga - przewodnik”) by Michał Pilich, a young expert on Praga, and its English version.

We have succeeded in establishing valuable cooperation with several institutions, organisations and artists engaged in organising cultural events in Praga. We believe that this website will enable us to reach a wider audience and increase the scope of our activities within “Projekt : Warszawa!”.

The main purpose of the website is to promote and support cultural events and artistic activities in Praga. We hope to contribute to increasing the popularity of the district with Varsovians and visitors alike.

Our aim is also to raise awareness of the need for renovation of the most neglected and run-down parts of Praga and to encourage and support such undertakings.