monday, 21 august 2017
Фото с майклом джексоном

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The Ząbkowska Street Festival
autor: Warszawska Praga
Outdoor festivals have become an increasingly regular feature on the streets of Praga, especially at weekends: artists display their work, cafés and restaurants remain open until late at night and the streets change beyond recognition, unveiling their true colours. The street festivals provide visitors with opportunities to get to know the works of Praga’s artists and to have a look at areas of Praga they may previously have been unfamiliar with or would otherwise not have visited. Festivals enable visitors to engage in the street art on display and to help contribute to the vibrancy of the area. Praga’s inhabitants have waited a long time for such a renaissance.

The Ząbkowska Street Festival has become a local tradition. Every September, Ząbkowska provides the stage for a variety of cultural events. Musicians perform on a stage located on the corner of Ząbkowska and Brzeska Street. Children have the opportunity to speak to the artists, make chalk drawings on the pavement or make a plaster cast of their hands. Adults can enjoy a refreshing glass of beer, peek into art studios or watch a performance staged in one of the backyards. The events continue until late in the evening. During the summer, films are screened, outdoors on Ząbkowska Street and admission is free.