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Фото с майклом джексоном

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The Francuska Street Festival
On 13th May 2005, Francuska Street was invaded by crowds of people who came to participate in Festyn na Francuskiej. The festival was a tribute to Agnieszka Osiecka, a poet and song writer who had lived in Saska Kępa for many years. Agnieszka spent a great deal of time in cafes where she wrote poetry and lyrics for songs on napkins and table tops. During the festival a monument representing the poet was unveiled on Francuska Street. Later, dozens of visitors participated in a march of “okularnicy” (specky / four-eyes) taken from one of the artist’s most famous songs. At the end of Francuska Street, a copy of The Arc de Triomphe in the form of a huge pair of red stilettos, one of the characteristic elements of Agnieszka Osiacka’s attire, was erected. Children enjoyed themselves at the small 1960s-style funfair which featured a merry-go-round and shooting range. The festival ended with a concert of Agnieszka Osiecka’s songs.